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Iridium Satellite Communications field demonstrations in the

About Operation Pacific Waves (OPW)

Iridium® is leading SATCOM field demonstrations in the Indo-Pacific region with Iridium technology partners and in coordination with existing customers like the U.S. Department of Defense, coalition partners, and scientific research organizations.

Numerous exercises will take place deploying Iridium and Iridium Connected® weather-resilient satellite communications technology on-base, on-the-move, and remotely from the field. OPW is focusing on the operational need for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) communications and mission command across a vast Area of Responsibility (AOR).

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Operation Pacific Waves Products & Services

Discover Iridium and Iridium Connected® Products and Services Used During Field Demonstrations

Iridium 9575A “Bearcat”

Tough and rugged, the 9575A satellite phone is engineered to support U.S. government customers anywhere.

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Iridium GO!®

Provides global voice and text solutions, and more, for your smart device

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Aireon Global Data Products

Discover how Aireon leverages space-based ADS-B for enhanced air traffic surveillance, innovation, and analytics.

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AnsuR ASMIRA Video Streaming

Find out how AnsuR’s flexible, high-precision video streaming solution–ASMIRA–streams good-quality video at rates down to 100 kbps or lower.

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AssetLink AssetPack™

AssetPack is a solar-powered, ruggedized global two-way asset tracking and sensor gateway for unpowered and powered assets.

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Blue Sky Network SkyLink TOC BOX

Delivers mission-critical communications from anywhere on the planet–with the added protection of a ruggedized case.

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Blue Sky Network 9575A Docking Station

Only docking station for the Iridium 9575A satellite phone. Works with General Dynamics’ DOD Security Module 2 and Enhanced Mobile Satellite Services (EMSS). Small form factor. Easy wall mounting.

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Satcom Direct Certus Jump Kit

Backpack with Rain Fly, integrated Thales MissionLINK, smart power controller using Bren-Tronics military-grade batteries, airline checkable, military jumpable.

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EVERYWHERE Secure inReach® Mini 2 by Garmin®

Handheld Iridium satellite communicator. 24/7 global SOS. Secure and encrypted personnel and team tracking. Two-way communications.

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EVERYWHERE Solar Satellite Tracker for Government

Solar-powered Iridium Short Burst Data® device. Real-time GPS tracking and local wireless sensor and communication over Bluetooth. Designed to operate securely with the Iridium U.S. Government Gateway.

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Icom IC-SAT100 Push-To-Talk (PTT)

Satellite PTT device enabling users around the world to communicate at the push of a button. Emergency and waterproof AquaQuake™ functions. In-building or vehicle use with optional AH-40 antenna.

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22 kbps uplink, 88 kbps downlink. IP67 rugged housing. Battery or wall powered. Lightweight and waterproof.

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Comprehensive video surveillance solution for remote locations. Fully autonomous. Integrated micro radar detects targets up to 50m.

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Ground surveillance sensor using advanced seismic, acoustic, and magnetic sensor processing to deliver accurate and timely information.

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Compact, rugged terminal for globally available on-the-move, over-the-horizon, and beyond-line-of-sight connectivity. Operating system independent. Software API for customized, embedded applications.

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NAL Research SHOUT Series

Pocket-size, low-cost satellite tracker & messaging devices designed with ultra-low power consumption electronics.

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Somewear Global Hotspot

Satellite-based command, control, and comms solution for U.S. military and coalition forces. Delivers a more robust and resilient PACE plan with autonomous failover capabilities to ensure all mission-critical data are transmitted to the right people at the right time–in any environment.

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Thales MissionLINK 700

Military-grade broadband solution providing reliable, mobile, and essential voice, text, and Web communications. Radio over IP extendable network. Future-proofed solutions for higher-speed services.

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Thales MissionLINK 200

Terrestrial communications coverage anywhere in the world. Easily integrates terrestrial cellular with built-in preferred routing switch. Low-gain omnidirectional antenna to enable the fastest upload and download speeds to cover safety services, tracking and location, and more.

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Honeywell Aspire 350

Satellite communications system enabling pilots to stay connected with data and voice services through their flight path, anywhere in the world.

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Bryodyn™ Tactical Internet Gateway (TIG)

Guards against intercepted transmissions and ensures fast, reliable, and secure communication. Unbreakable site-to-site VPN. Automatic failover. Integrated GPS. Secure firewall. Integrated battery.

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4K Solutions™ Global Satellite Communications Kit (GSCK™)

Portable, battery-powered, Beyond Line-Of-Sight (BLOS) comms. 8 hours of run time. Mil-spec case. Utilizes either the Thales MissionLINK or VesseLINK terminal. Global coverage over Iridium Certus®

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A2G/International Beyond Line-of-Sight Full-Motion Video

A2G provides Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) operations, technologies, and support. Operations capabilities include crewed and uncrewed airborne surveillance on land and at sea.

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